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Here is a bit about me

My name is Michelle and I have a love for health and fitness. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t always like this, up until 2019 my life was completely different. Most evenings were spent in front of the tv with a bottle of wine and a big bag of crisps. For so many years I had been on fad diets or starved myself for a month, just so I could fit into that bikini for a holiday or squeeze into that cocktail dress for Christmas, I was totally kidding myself as the weight just poured back on tenfold.

I had just turned 39 when I woke up one morning and thought that I can’t keep living the way I am, unfit and overweight. So in February 2019 I decided to join my local gym. From the start I made the decision to hire a personal trainer as I knew that if I didn’t it wouldn’t last (and everyone else thought so too). I learnt how to train and eat properly and within 6 months started to see a massive difference in myself.

Not only physically but mentally too, my self confidence and self esteem had started to return and my anxiety levels were near enough zero.

After my 40th birthday, the world became a different place, we had COVID-19, so things became very tough for all of us. So, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in fitness training, yep left it late haven’t I? So, here I am, a level 2 personal trainer and now moving onto studying for my level 3 advanced personal trainer course.

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I want to help people like me

I want to help people on a journey, like the way my personal trainer has helped me.

Fitness training is not all about spending an hour on the treadmill or doing a few bicep curls, there is so much more to it, which many people don’t know about. It is also about resistance and compound training. Many people perceive lifting weights as something you do if you want to become a body builder. This is not the case, it is a good way to help you reduce your body fat and build definition.

Nutrition and fitness is the key to success, they go hand in hand which is why I will be offering the full package.

Life doesn’t have to be boring, I am not all about that, I still enjoy a glass or two at the weekend and tucking into the odd takeaway with my family. But you start to learn accountability and start to make different choices in your life.

I know how intimidating gyms can be, trust me I have been there!!!! So, this is why I am available to do ‘at home’ sessions. I have my own kit that I can transport to your home, so that you can feel comfortable training in your own home.

Images of Michelle Fawkes before and after

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